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Better Service With Modern Dentistry

We work diligently to improve your experience at the dentist everyday. With the introduction of modern dental technology there’s never been a better time to receive quality dental care.

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Dental Technology

Your Oral Health, Upgraded

At Lake Minnetonka Dental we’re raising the bar of what patients come to expect from their dentist. From instantly available 3D imaging to early cavity detection and accurate dental implant placement, we look for ways to improve dental care in all aspects of your dental health. Paired with an experienced dental team, our dental office at Lake Minnetonka Dental is ready to show you the advantage of modern dentistry for your dental care.

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Cone Beam

Digital Dental X-rays:

By trading film X-rays for digital dentistry, we’re able to provide exceptional results with over 75% less radiation than conventional X-rays. In just one picture, we can view a comprehensive, panoramic 3D model of your gums and teeth without having to wait for film to develop, saving you time and peace of mind.

3D Cone Beam Accuracy:

3D dental technology has made incredible leaps in recent times, and the Sirona™ GALILEOS 3D cone beam CT is no exception. This state of the art digital imaging system provides the most accurate picture of your oral health to serve as a detailed model for diagnosing, dental surgery or to prepare the mouth for a dental implant. Stress less about your dental treatment when our modern services create more reliable, predictable and less time-consuming visits at the dentist!

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CEREC Technology

Featuring TWO CEREC Units!

With not one but two CEREC units in our office, we’re thrilled to improve the possibilities of same day dentistry like never before. Patients hoping to transform their smiles with same day dentistry such as one day crowns and replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants can achieve their ideal smiles in less time than traditional dentistry with beautiful and natural looking results.

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Intra-Oral Cameras

Feel like a part of the decision making process when intra-oral imaging software can help you see for yourself where dental work needs to be done. With a crystal clear image of the interior of your mouth, your dentist can discuss with you your current dental health in easy to understand terms, so you can participate in every dental decision.

Unexpected Benefits of Dental Technology

  • Significantly reduce radiation exposure of traditional X-rays, detect cavities in the beginning stages and enjoy no-risk sterilization.
  • Experience dental treatments with higher accuracy and increased comfort. Many options now include drill-less dentistry!
  • Personalize your dental experience directly to your needs, such as with protective sports dentistry mouthguards and custom dental crowns.

Join The Lake Minnetonka Dental Savings Plan

Patients without dental insurance can enroll in our in-house savings plan today and start saving! At $285 for existing patients and $189 for new patients, your plan includes 2 exams, 2 cleanings, all necessary x-rays, and one emergency visit. And a 15% savings on all restorative procedures! Restrictions apply. Call today!