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Why Sedation Dentistry Might Be Right For You

We know that there are those of you out there who are afraid the dentist. We know that some of you will ignore a toothache until the pain becomes intolerable. But our goal is to keep you out of pain, not introduce you to it! We want you to be motivated to take excellent care of your teeth and enjoy your regular six month checkups. We offer gentle dental care to soothe any nerves you may have about dentist visits!

For those of you who avoid the dentist chair, sedation dentistry might be the option for you. It is a method of administering a controlled amount of sedative medicine before or during a dental procedure, helping to reduce any dental anxiety and create a calm experience for the patient. From standard cleanings to root canals or wisdom tooth extraction, there is a form of sedation that will alleviate your fears!

At Lake Minnetonka Dental, our patients’ comfort is our priority, and we offer a range of services in sedation dentistry, ranging from IV sedation to oral conscious sedation, laughing gas or inhalation sedation to ease them into the experience.

We’ll get into each type of sedation methods in a moment, but first, here are a few other reasons why sedation dentistry might be right for you:

  • The procedure might be lengthy or complex
  • You may have a psychological or physiological reason (such as a highly sensitive gag reflex) that makes you unable to remain conscious during a procedure

Which Type of Sedation Dentistry Should I Choose?

We are happy to offer different forms of dental sedation to help you feel completely relaxed and confident before, during, and after your visit to our office:

Inhalation Sedation (or Laughing Gas) is a combination of nitrous oxide and oxygen that you breathe in through a mask placed over your nose to help you relax. The amount you receive is controlled by our dentists. This form of sedation tapers off quickly.

Oral Conscious Sedation is in the form of a prescribed pill that is taken about an hour before your dental procedure. With this form of sedation, you remain conscious and completely aware of your surroundings in a very calm and relaxed state. Many patients find their experience to be anxiety free!

IV Sedation allows you to sleep deeply in an unconscious state where you will not be awakened until the effects wear off or medication is used to reverse it. The anesthesia is administered by board certified dental anesthesiologists.

Finding a Dentist Near Me

At Lake Minnetonka Dental, we pride ourselves on our gentle and compassionate approach in dentistry and are committed to the safety, health, and comfort of each patient. We are happy to sit with you one on one to discuss your treatment plan and options so that you feel confident every step of the way. Whether you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, emergency dentist or simply a gentle dentist near Wayzata, we welcome you into our office and know that we will create a supportive and calm atmosphere for you.

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