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Same Day Dentistry

One Day Crowns in Wayzata!

Are you too busy to make multiple trips to the dentist? Receive your permanent dental crown in as little as an hour! We use state of the art CEREC™ technology to revolutionize your smile in a fraction of the time of traditional dentistry.

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Same Day Dentistry

Why Same Day Dentistry?

If you have a weakened or damaged tooth, waiting to get a dental crown can be a bothersome and tedious pain. Typically, getting a dental crown requires at least two visits to the dentist, where patients must wait 1-3 weeks for their crowns to be made. At Lake Minnetonka Dental in Wayzata our same day dentistry process creates your ideal dental crown in minutes, so you can leave in just one appointment, without need for a temporary crown!

What is a Dental Crown?

In the past, a damaged tooth was simply removed. Thankfully, modern dentistry enables patients to receive dental crowns or “caps” to effectively cover a broken, cracked or damaged tooth and restore it to its natural-looking shape, size, and color. Using CAD/CAM and CEREC technology, same-day crowns are custom designed and placed in a gentle and effective process.

Benefits of One-Day Crowns

  • Convenient, same-day dental care
  • Exceptional accuracy and customized detail
  • Colormatched, natural looking dental crowns
  • Precision dentistry preserves more of your healthy tooth

How Does Same Day Dentistry Work?

Thanks to our state of the art computer-aided system, CEREC, we’re able to personalize and mill your natural-looking crown in minutes. Our personalized crowns while you wait are effortless and convenient for you. Smile makeover options include:

  • Crowns
  • Veneers
  • Invisalign
When You Should

Consider a Crown

Common Reasons to Need a Crown

  • Seal and protect a weakened tooth, broken tooth or tooth exposed to decay
  • Repair a tooth that is damaged, misshaped or severely discolored
  • Strengthen a tooth when a dental filling is not sufficient
  • Reinforce a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Anchor a dental bridge or encase a dental implant

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Patients without dental insurance can enroll in our in-house savings plan today and start saving! At $285 for existing patients and $189 for new patients, your plan includes 2 exams, 2 cleanings, all necessary x-rays, and one emergency visit. And a 15% savings on all restorative procedures! Restrictions apply. Call today!