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Dr. Laskin & WCCO: Smiling to School and Back

Our very own Dr. Bryan Laskin joined the local WCCO news team to discuss how parents can use the beginning of the school year to set good oral hygiene habits. With school, kids are adapting to a new routine. Dr. Laskin encourages parents to schedule brushing teeth for two minutes, twice a day, as a part of this routine. Once established, this will serve them well into their adult lives.

He further emphasises the importance of avoiding ‘The Trifecta’, any combination of acid, sugar and stickiness, which are the basic components of many sweets today. Instead, Dr. Laskin encourages:

  • Crunchy vegetables: they can clean your teeth while chewing!
  • Fruit: a tasty and sweet alternative to The Trifecta.
  • Dairy products: commonly known to strengthen teeth.

A school lunch or snack with these foods means happy, clean teeth!

Dr. Laskin also recommends scheduling a dentist visit every 6 months, and assisting your child with brushing until the age of six, or until it’s a habit for them.

You can see the entire clip here:

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