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Are You Looking for a Tooth Extraction in Wayzata That Is Fast and Virtually Painless? We Can Help!

Even in cases of disease or decay, our goal is to help patients find a way to treat the issue and save their natural tooth if possible. Unfortunately, there are situations where the disease or damage is so severe that an extraction is the only way to alleviate the patient’s pain and protect the health of the surrounding teeth. We understand that the prospect of a dental extraction is scary for many of our patients, especially those with dental phobias, so our dentists do everything possible to make the experience as stress-free and painless as possible.

Does a Tooth Extraction Cost a Lot of Money?

The cost of a dental extraction is based on several factors, including the type of extraction required and the location of the tooth. We will provide you with an outline of your cost once the dentist has assessed your dental issue. If you have private or employer-sponsored dental insurance, at least a percentage of your cost should be covered. We accept many of the most popular dental plans, so call today to find out if we accept yours.

What Is the Difference Between a Simple and Surgical Tooth Extraction?

A simple extraction is one in which the affected tooth is visible above the gumline so that it can be grasped and extracted using forceps. If the tooth is fully or partially impacted below the gumline, you may require a surgical extraction performed by an oral surgery specialist.

Is Tooth Removal My Best Option?

We always view extraction as a last resort; however, there may be situations where it cannot be avoided. For example, severe decay, gum disease, or trauma can cause extreme pain, threaten the structural integrity of the tooth, or negatively impact the health of the remaining teeth. Our skilled dentists will help you determine if an extraction is the right solution for your dental issue.

Should I Have My Severely Decayed or Damaged Tooth Pulled?

In some cases, even a damaged or decayed tooth can be saved and restored using a root canal. If the damage has reached the middle of the tooth, however, an extraction may be the best option to alleviate your pain and prevent further damage to your remaining teeth. Following an extraction, we normally recommend that you replace the missing tooth to keep the remaining teeth from moving out of place.

Do You Perform Baby Teeth Extractions?

Our team is skilled at assessing and treating the unique dental needs of children. We may recommend that your child have a baby tooth extracted if it is blocking an adult tooth, if there is a cavity that is too large for a filling, or if it becomes infected. If you are looking for a gentle dentist to put your child at ease, call today for a consultation.

Should I Consider Tooth Extraction If I Have Advanced Gum Disease?

With advanced gum disease, infection and bacteria below the gumline attack the ligaments and supporting structures that hold the teeth in place. Not only can this be painful, but the teeth will eventually become loose and fall out. Our dentist may recommend an extraction to ease your pain and treat your underlying infection, which can help protect your remaining teeth.

Is It Best to Have a Wisdom Tooth Pulled?

Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted, but the procedure is quite common. Since most of us do not have sufficient jaw space to accommodate these additional teeth, they can become trapped under the gums, push through at an angle that can damage the surrounding teeth, or cause pain. If this is the case, an extraction is normally the best option. The dentist will evaluate your wisdom tooth issues to determine if we can perform an extraction in our office or if we should refer you to a specialist for a surgical extraction.

Should I Consider Getting a Tooth Pulled If My Teeth Are Too Crowded?

Overcrowding can cause the teeth to grow in crooked. If your teeth are misaligned to the point that you require orthodontic treatment using braces, your dentist or orthodontist may recommend having one or more teeth removed so that the teeth will have room to move during treatment.

What Should I Do Following a Tooth Extraction?

We will provide you with aftercare instructions following your procedure that tell you how to care for the extraction site and what activities you should avoid. You should follow these instructions carefully to make sure that a blood clot forms at the extraction site and to minimize any swelling and discomfort.

What Should I Expect During Tooth Extraction Healing?

A simple extraction normally heals within a week; however, a surgical extraction may take longer. You can return to most activities within 24 hours, and the dentist will let you know when you can resume more strenuous activities.

If you are looking for a skilled and compassionate dentist to perform a tooth extraction in Wayzata, call (952) 388-0287 today to schedule your consultation.

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