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Dental Implants

Are You Missing One Or More Teeth?

Life after tooth loss is difficult. For many, it can be embarrassing just eat or smile. If you have suffered from tooth loss, dental implants are revered as a permanent dental solution.

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The dental implants process may take several months to complete, so it’s encouraged to plan ahead and schedule a consultation to discuss dental crowns, dental implants or the option of an implant-supported denture. Your health and safety are important to us, and as your local family dentist we’ll use only the best services and technology to support you throughout your dental treatment. Give us a call to schedule your next visit.

Don’t struggle with tooth loss.

The unfortunate truth is, the longer you go after tooth loss the more likely you are to experience a series of dental health related issues. Risks of tooth decay, gum disease and future tooth loss increase after losing even one tooth to decay, age or damage. Beyond the development of orthodontic issues, tooth loss is known to result in rapid bone loss in the jaw, resulting in a change in face shape that appears aged.

With the help of modern dentistry, dental implants are the only form of modern tooth replacement to be secured permanently into the jaw. Unlike dentures or bridges, dental implants won’t shift, budge or fall out during regular activities like eating and speaking. Because dental implants form a strong, compatible bond in the jaw they will also reduce or prevent bone loss in the jaw and act most similarly to a natural tooth root system.

Before you decide on a dental treatment for tooth loss, ask yourself what you hope to accomplish with your new smile. After dental implants, patients won’t have to make changes to a good dental hygiene routine. Because they are fixed into place, there is no need to invest in changing your nightly routine to include denture cleaning solutions or having to visit your dentist later for a denture adjustment to accommodate a change in your bite. Dental implants naturally support the shape and structure of your smile, improving your life with hassle free dentistry.

What Are Dental Implants?

  • Dental implants are small titanium posts that fuse into the jawbone to support beautiful and natural looking dental crowns (replacement teeth).
  • With an unparalleled 98% success rate, dental implants have improved the lives of millions and can be a great option for a wide array of patients.
  • Using advanced CEREC technology, it has never been easier to design, create and place dental crowns and implants with exceptional precision.
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What is CEREC?


Technology is changing everyday, and so is the journey towards better patient care. At Lake Minnetonka Dental we’re proud to feature the height of modern dentistry with CEREC and CAD/CAM technology. Also known as Chairside Restoration, CEREC is a revolutionary tool that uses dental imaging software to design and build custom dental crowns in-office in the matter of minutes.

At your appointment for dental implants in Wayzata our team uses sophisticated dental technology to produce a virtual, 3D image of your mouth and teeth to serve as a model in crafting your ideal crown and implant. Because everything is done in-office, there’s no waiting on a dental lab to make and ship your dental restoration. Instead, your custom dental crown is milled from a small block of strong, colormatched porcelain to look and feel just like a healthy tooth. After placement, you may forget you ever had a tooth replaced!


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Patients without dental insurance can enroll in our in-house savings plan today and start saving! At $350 for existing patients and $300 for new patients, your plan includes 2 exams, 2 cleanings, all necessary x-rays, and one emergency visit. And a 15% savings on all restorative procedures! Restrictions apply. Call today!