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How To Deal With Dental Injuries

Summer in Wayzata is a wonderful time. Whether you’re taking in the great outdoors, or spending time with family and friends, there’s always something to do! But more activities can lead to an increased risk in dental injury. Luckily, the team at Lake Minnetonka Dental has some advice on how to deal with dental injuries,
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Dry Mouth? Why Your Oral Health Could be at Risk

Dry mouth, although uncomfortable, isn’t typically seen as a huge problem. We blame it on dehydration, chalk it up to aging, or just ignore it all together. But many common medications cause chronic dry mouth, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. This could also set you up for long-term damage if not
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Virtual Reality At The Dentist?!

Imagine relaxing on the beach during a sunny day and enjoying the cool ocean breeze pass over you…while somewhere way off in the distance you can faintly remember that you are also having a cavity filled. It’s possible–with virtual reality! Pioneering Virtual Reality Dentistry At Lake Minnetonka Dental, Dr. Bryan Laskin is one of the
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Join The Lake Minnetonka Dental Savings Plan

Patients without dental insurance can enroll in our in-house savings plan today and start saving! At $275 for existing patients and $179 for new patients, your plan includes 2 exams, 2 cleanings, all necessary x-rays, and one emergency visit. And a 15% savings on all restorative procedures! Restrictions apply. Call today!